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With the industrialization boom, cities all across the world saw their population increase exponentially. People who had earlier on been living in villages and other suburban areas now started to move to the cities, in search of better working opportunities and a better overall living standard. This mass migration saw the great expansion of nearly every city in the world. Whereas earlier on we could go around the whole city in the matter of an hour or so, nowadays each and every city spans a colossal area, which can be impossible to cover in even the span of a few days. With distances having increased so much, it’s no wonder that this expansion led to the development of more complex forms of transport. With cities growing larger and larger day by day, it was no longer possible to find our way around town in a horse drawn carriage, or any other old means of transport. With distances having grown so large, and the need for travel being so pressing, cars and other automotives came into being. What were initially hasty and unsafe designs were then eventually refined and what came into being are the vintage cars that we see today. 

The invention of these cars truly revolutionized the way that we looked at the world. The cities which had earlier on seemed like a distant seemed now within our reach. With a few liters of petrol in our cars we could travel almost anywhere we wanted. Whether it was to see our friends and family on the other side of town, or to check out what was happening in the other cities, we could do it all. The world, which had previously seemed so big, was now small enough to fit in the palm of our hand. Thus, the streets which had earlier on been populated only by bicycles, carriages and pedestrians now came to be populated almost entirely by cars and other automotives. Almost every house possessed at least one car, and this was the primary means of transport by which we would go see our friends and family, have fun, go to school, get the groceries and so much more.  

However, every seemingly good thing more often than not has a dark side that we only become aware of a little later. As the usage of cars began to increase, so did the amount of pollution in the world. A fact that now even small children are aware of now was once something that nobody really looked into, as we were too busy marveling at the ease which cars afforded to us. In fact, not only do cars and other automotives heavily contribute to the level of pollution in the world, they also lead to the consumption of non-renewable resources. Cars and other automotives work by using up petroleum or diesel, which are by products of refining non-renewable resources. What’s more is that combustion of petrol or diesel leads to the production of carbon monoxide and other harmful greenhouse gases which adversely affect our ozone layer. As we sought to combat the damage that has already been done to our environment, alternative means of transport, such as e scooters came into being. 

E scooters take away the tediousness and effort that cycling requires, and they also remove the immense amount of pollution that would come with travelling on a bike or a car. These scooters run solely on batteries, which means that not only do you save up on spending on gas, but you also avoid sending any harmful emissions up into the sky. This is truly the best way that we can all reduce our carbon footprint and help make the world a healthier and safer place for us and our future generations.  

If you are truly looking to travel smart, you should get yourself an e scooter today. With our environment already being so damaged by harmful emissions, each and every one of us needs to do our part to make sure that the earth becomes a better place with time. At the Gehring Group you can find the classiest and most useful e scooters around, to get started on your journey to make the earth clean and green again! 

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