Tips For Bringing Maximum Value To Your Garden 

Having a beautiful architect designed house with the best modern furniture and stylish interiors is the dream of many people. We are talking about a house in which to entertain, in which to raise a family and a place that you can call home. It is a genuine dream to aspire to. Surprisingly though when conceptualizing and designing their perfect home, many people don’t think about the exterior, and they end up with a stylish and comfortable home that is very bland on the outside. Here are some ideas for bringing style and talking points to the outside of your house. 

Water works magic 

There is something very calming about outdoor water features Melbourne. These could be in the form of fountains or ponds or even something as simple as a birdbath, the presence of water has the ability transform a garden – and even better if it is running water. A water feature doesn’t have to big it just needs a degree of thought behind it. Where is it going to be placed and how is it integrated into the rest of the exterior. With the right plan it should be fairly cheap to install with a lot of benefit delivered in terms of style points. 

Create the illusion of space 

It doesn’t matter if your garden is big or small, you need to find ways to create the illusion of space. In the same way that infinity pools are designed to make it appear as if your swimming pool is much bigger than it is, a cleverly planted garden can make the garden look much more sizeable. Walls need to be covered with creepers or you could create an artificial vertical garden Melbourne for maximum greenery and feature value. What you want is to be able to look into the garden from inside the house and to see lots of green and not much of the neighbours. 

Work the flow 

A well designed house should have a seamless flow from inside to outside, in such a way that you almost don’t know when the one starts and the other ends. The idea should be that you can entertain and host parties and that the guests can move seamlessly from the shelter and calm of the house to an equally amazing external experience. 

Bring nature back 

Make a concerted effort to bring nature back to your garden. The whole idea of a garden is that it is your sanctuary and your opportunity to escape to a little piece of nature within the city setting in which you live. So if your garden is too sterile what’s the point? You should strive to create a place that entices insects and bugs. In turn these will attract birds and other small animals – like frogs and toads and lizards and such like. Bird feeders are also a great way to attract animals. And there really is nothing better than chilling in your garden and watching the birds feed and the butterflies do their thing, in a living and healthy ecosystem.      


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