The purpose and types of garage shelving

Any society can be categorized into three different sectors which are residential sectors, industrial sectors and commercial sectors. Residential sector is the place where people are meant to reside and live like apartments, homes, etc. Commercial sector is the sector which is meant to give profit to the people like malls, restaurants, offices, etc. Then there is industrial sector which comprises of factories and industries that help in building the economy of the country by producing large quantity of different products. One thing which is common in all of these sectors is the use of shelves. Different types of shelves are used in different sectors and for different purposes. Man is made in such a way that he keeps experimenting and producing newer things with the passage of time. Some of them become productive while others go at loss. However, in the end we get something innovative like mezzanine floor. In this article, we will be discussing about the purpose and types of garage shelving based in Melbourne

Mezzanine floor in garage: 

People have assigned certain names to every part of a home or a building like there is kitchen, there is bedroom, there is washroom, there is parking lot, etc. Similarly, there are garages that are constructed in all three sectors of the society but are most commonly seen in residential sector. A garage is a place which is meant to keep the motor vehicles safe from extreme weather conditions and from the attempt of robbery. Besides housing a vehicle in the garage, there are many other functions of a garage as well like providing a function of storage place where you can store your unused boxes. Mostly, people like to build mezzanine floor in their garage to have more space and order in garage. 

A mezzanine floor is the kind of a floor that is built at a certain height form the ground floor but it is not a complete floor rather it is an intermediate floor which ends in between. The mezzanine floors are build in garage as well as in drawing rooms or lounges. In case of garage, they give more space for the things to be put on that floor. On the other hand, two chairs with a table or any other such furniture set can be placed on a mezzanine floor built in drawing room or lounge. 

The purpose of garage shelving: 

In the simplest terms, shelving can be defined as the racks on which different items can be placed. Garage shelving is the kind of shelving that is built in garage or is made to be placed in garages. The purpose of garage shelving is to provide more space for the different boxes and items to be placed on it. Moreover, it is easier to sort things out when they are placed on the shelving’s. We store different kinds of products in our garage so garage shelving must be a firm one where you can put both; heavy objects as well as lighter items. 

The types of garage shelving: 

Garage shelving can be divided into various types. These garage shelving differ from one another on the basis of the material used in their compositional and their designing. There is some garage shelving which has three to four racks and are quite tall. Then there are some garage shelving which constitutes of only two racks but covers quite large area. Besides the structure, garage shelving is also divided on the basis of the materials used in their composition. There is wood garage shelving which is used to put lighter objects on it like nails, hammers or other such stuff. Then there is metal garage shelving in which shelve is made up of metal element and is quite firm to provide support for many heavy and light objects. 


Garage shelving is the process of installing or making shelves in a garage and pallet racking repairs is done for a warehouse. The purpose of garage shelving is to provide space for the objects to be placed on shelve. Moreover, garage shelving gives certain order to your whole garage. There are many different types of garage shelving. “City shelving” offers the best quality of and huge variety of garage shelving. 

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