Doctor Damp is offering sub floor ventilation in Brisbane, Sydney, & Melbourne. We offer guaranteed work and experts of the respective field. These experts do not consider any project big or small instead of performing it dedicatedly. Undue subfloor moisture may cause rising wood rot, damp, pest infestation & problem odours. If unprocessed, subfloor dampness may end in the growth of mildew & moulds, causing grave health issues. The reasonable solution is a financial long-lasting sub floor ventilation scheme installed by us. 

Our technicians & consultants are skilled to install and consultant’s subfloor ventilation schemes to remove underground moisture from lower raised floors. Duct lead-ins will be situated at problem sites so that damp air might be drawn off and outwardly exhausted. 

Subfloor Ventilation Working Scheme 

A well-applied subfloor ventilation scheme by us will eliminate musty moisture-laden airborne by using specially planned pumps and subbase fans to extract unnecessary moisture from the underneath space. 

Sub Floor Ventilation Scheme Attributes 

The quality products with a warranty of five years a Bleiberg metal case are installed to resist the moisture in ducts and underneath the floor. These better-quality products are the main functioning results. These prime services will offer effective design, highly efficient subfloor ventilation system, and it will be cost-effective, durable, reliable, and meeting the high standards. We exclusively use Ventilation fans, pro-V pumps, fairs, smart, and reliable fan models. These fans help to absorb the moisture. All these products come with a warranty and bring the best results for you. 

Advanced German technology is used for quality performance and manufacturing. These fans create the duct pressure and it helps to dry the underneath floor and duct, pipes, and all the supplies. The years of warranty is offered. 

Why Important 

The health of your family and the safety of the house is important. If moisture keeps on seeming on the floor this will damage the walls and the floor. The mould and fungi at your places can create the respiratory problems for you. For the wellbeing of you and family, it is important to seek the help of professionals. These professionals know the high technology and understand problems. It is been years now that we are serving the country. We are the manufacturers of the supplies and have scored gratified customers. we take pride of scoring the best customer feedback. 

Professional Mould Removal 

The growth of mould or Mildew can cause serious damage to your health. You can get the professional services of us in this regard. The growth of mould can cause respiratory disorders like asthma, allergies, and infections. You breathe in 11,000 litres of air every day. Mould removal is essential for the health of the family. 

This grown mould art dark and damp places, kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing ducts, pipelines, basement, flooded floors, ceilings, and other unventilated rooms will be a serious issue. Mould removal in Brisbane must be sought. If left untreated this will cause the damage to your property as well. 

Budget-Friendly Mould Removal Schemes 

We offer reasonable solutions for mould removal. And top of all is by managing and maintain the moisture level with functional ventilation. We will replace the moist air with dry air, blocking the growth of mould by condensation and this will reduce the growth of it. 

We come with the professional and reliable service of mould removal that comes with the validation with the experience of 15 years, we have a crew of experts. These experts exactly and rightfully know the solution to your problem. Once you will place a call, we will visit your place and after inspecting the reported place a solution will be talked about and told. We are the most reliable service that can offer you the prime services. 


We offer you a quote beforehand and that gives you an idea about the solution and scheme of the problems. Tam will offer you the solutions about mould removal too. You can get guidance from these suggestions. 

We have experience and a team of the best experts. With the use of advanced technology and righthanded skills, we will vanish the surfaced problems. You can relay and trust us in this regard.  

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