How To Save A Dying Garden This Summer

Have you planted the garden around your home? Was it just an impulse, a true effort at gardening or something just to beautify your home? Whatever the reason may be, it’s an all-too common story for the newbie gardeners to be worried sick once the summer arrives. As soon as the summer sun starts beating down, plants begin to wary in appearance too. It happens, because more often than not we tend to ignore watering them every week or whenever the need be. Unfortunately, with continued negligence, what was once a lush bed of flowers turn into withering, drying and an upset tangle of bushes? Don’t turn your dream garden into a nightmare, especially when you have spent months or even more trying to figure out what sort of fruit or flower to plant, which seed should go where and what sort of soil should be used. Don’t give up on your dream garden, even if it feels like it is drying out and is on the verge of ending. So, what to do is the ultimate question here! If you are unable to figure out, we are happy to help you here. Here are some of the ways through which you can save your dying garden this summer, and give your plants a new life. 

Before we start telling you the practical tips, the foremost thing for you to remember is, don’t give up so soon. It might feel like the plants have died, and they might look dead above the ground, but you never know what’s happening underneath the bed of soil. The majority of the people just see the exterior and initiate a proper lawn mowing Clovelly, so if you are planning to do the same, just stop! Try trimming and eliminating the withered bits of plants, and continue watering. Most of the plants have a working root system, so with proper watering, attention and care, your plant can start sprouting up once again. Unfortunately, if your plants are truly dead and gone, then this can’t work and you will have to start from the scratch. 

If you have reached mid-summer, and you have now come to realise that there are no chances for your precious garden to bloom, don’t just begin with the initial planting procedure once again. Instead opt for tree lopping Bondi to get rid of unwanted trees, and buy mature seedling to plant. You won’t have to start from the scratch this way. The fresher, the better, so try to opt for plants and seedlings that have freshly been mown, and let the dirt swallow them once again. Keep in mind, you might need an expert opinion here, so it is better to consult a professional before beginning with the garden saving adventure once again. If you do not want to go for this option, and are still cursing your bad memory for ignoring your plantation in the scorching sun, stop with that! One thing is clear here, you won’t be able to keep up with the strenuous schedule of taking care of the garden. Instead, why not opt for a few low-maintenance plants? Go for plants that don’t need a lot of your attention, and can be used to beautify your garden all the same. 

It might seem like going a little overboard for you, but if you want to eliminate one more chore off your list, simply automate the watering system. Automatic irrigation system by DIYing your garden hose with a few holes poked into it, and attaching a timer alongside can solve your problem. Just set a schedule or buy an automatic irrigation system, and you will be done for the summer. If you are still not up for setting up this system and are finding ways to mitigate your forgetfulness, we have a solution there for you as well. Just use a layer of mulch to help lock in the moisture and to keep the scorching sun off the soil. It will reduce the amount of times you need to water your garden. Either by doing it early morning on in the evening, you will not only reduce the amount of water lost during the evaporation, but will save yourself water bill as well. 

You just need to extra careful, attentive and wise, if you intend to keep your garden lush, beautiful and healthy. Once you plant a garden, stick to its care, and don’t let your efforts go down the drain. Because, we all love the fragrance of flowers and the shade of trees on a hot summer day.  

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