Developing Your Internet Identity.

Whether you are planning to start a business, run a start-up, open a store, or write a blog or anything, your work needs an internet identity. And by internet identity, I mean, “Website”. Because these days, if tell someone that you are running a business the first thing that they will do is go on the internet and “Google” it. Plus it is a credible way to gain the trust of your clients along with your social media identities.

Developing a website was never easy in the past few years when you need to hire a professional web designer and developer to customise your website. Or the person who wants a website needs to first learn these technical sides including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and hosting side that contain a database, yearly package, space required for hosting your website and all that trouble. And to develop a fully functional website people used to spend a large amount. But nowadays, there is a new trend of website builders that hides the complexity of coding a website and in return provides easy to do customisation of your choice. These builders help you to place images, sliders, videos, your products, text, headings, banners and a lot more.  

A DIY Website Builder trend basically means there is an online software that helps you build your own website by just signing up with your email address. This will not only aids you in developing a sleek website for you but also covers the technical mambo-jumbo side of hosting including configuration, security. These website builders are highly intuitive, easy to use and provide you step by step guidance. Most of the builders are free at the start with basic stuff. But you can upgrade to various paid packages and let them handle the entire website side for you. The various subscription packages can be of monthly or yearly basis with advanced and innovative features that make your website stand out from all on the internet. Here are a few website builders that are wonderful and easy to use and with the help of them you can build a website by yourself! 

Wix is considered best all-around in the website builders. It does not only provide ease of use but also flexibility in design. It also provides a free plan with free custom domain and SSL security. You do not need to worry about its optimisation as it has the feature of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with it. It provides e-commerce facility. Moreover, its customer support is outstanding. 
Weebly gives you enough time to focus on other chores of your organisation instead of spending time on developing it. It is an open source software that perfectly suits the organisation with many administration levels including authors, administrators or editors. Whether you own a business or run a start-up, Weebly can be a perfect choice for you! Along with e-commerce stores, Weebly unique templates are mobile responsive too that are more satisfactory for the clients. It is categorised as “Easiest to use”.  

Squarespace is the best choice for those who are well aware of designing tools because it gives endless choices for designing your website that might scare a newbie! Its themes score under the title “Design Flexibility” and “Responsiveness”. It gives you 14 days free trial with free domain and SSL security. It also has SEO feature.  

At the end, website builder has now become the need of today as it covers wide range of people starting from intellectual teachers to digital marketing experts, from photography hobbyist to college graduates and from successful restaurant owners to social media influencers, and bloggers – almost anyone can build a website within an hour with the use of these DIY builders. Due to the reason that they’re free to use, the barriers to entry are completely eliminated with drag and drop facility. When choosing a website builder another point needs to be considered i.e., customer support. If a website builder costs minimum, it may be a sign that the customer service you’ll receive will be the bare minimum as well. Even if it somehow costs a little more as compared to free plan then it will surely offer better in the long term. Because investing more can be beneficial to engage people from being visitors to clients. 

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