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Interesting Trends To Look Out For In The Next Ten Years

The world is shrinking on a daily basis. Not physically of course but in terms of reach and the ability to be in touch with people anywhere or to travel vast differences very quickly. In the space of one generation we have gone from steam ships for crossing oceans to supersonic flight and from snail mail to email via faxes. Progress is marching on at an incredible rate and there is no way to stop it, it’s relentless. It affects every part of our existence. Here’s a quick look at things we should expect to see as standard within the next ten years.  


How lazy are we? 
Youngsters these days would much rather sit an play computer games than go outside and build a tree house or throw a ball. It’s a sad state of affairs really but the truth is we are all becoming increasing couch-bound. It means that we are getting heavier and essentially lazier, and it comes as no surprise to think that within the next few year’s items like residential elevators will soon come as standard installations in new houses. In just the same way that air conditioning unit are now regular features in less moderate climates, so too does it seem inevitable that our inclination to use stairs will be replaced by lifts at home. 


Self-drive cars 
We all know that they exist. We might not have seen them yet, but we know that they are coming and quickly. They are all the rage at the moment, being spoken about at every dinner party, and it seems only a matter of time before they take over completely. Remember how quick digital cameras came to prominence and then decimated the old-school analogue technology. Watch out for a repeat performance from self-drive vehicles. 


Much the same as above, but this time in the air, drone technology is becoming faster and better with each day. And as the pace of development and the commercial interest gathers pace so the price of drones comes down making them more affordable to the man in the street. Drones are already commonly used for photographic and espionage purposes but their uses are many. Pioneering companies are using them to deliver medication to remote areas in the developing world. But there is no reason why they should not be delivering your shopping to you. Imagine how easy it would be if you could place an order online and then have it delivered by a drone. You would never have to leave your couch! 


Universal Communicators 
The cellular phone is very rapidly becoming the only device that you need in your life. It has already replaced landlines and cameras and calculators and computers and remote controls and GPS. And it is only just getting started. It is hard to know quite where it will advance to next, but it is safe to say that within the next ten years it will have taken significant strides forward in terms of becoming the only device that you need in your life. It really isn’t too much of a leap to suppose that it could making you toast and coffee before long!       

Things To Think About When Buying Your First Property

Buying a house is a major investment and in most cases, it’s the sort of investment that people will buy once or twice in a lifetime. It’s not like buying cars or groceries, it’s a major life decision and one which it is very easy to get emotional about and make mistakes that you will pay for many times over as you move in and move forward with your life. There is no foolproof way to make sure that you get the best value but there are definitely things that you should be looking out for when making your offer to purchase. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that you get what you want and, that you get more than you paid for. 


Safety is important 
It’s not just about the location, which we all know is critical, it is also about the safety and peace of mind that you will experience in your new place. It might be a cliché that you can’t put a price on peace-of-mind, but it is very much true. Once you have a place in mind go online and find the local experts, a quick search for something like security systems Melbourne should do the trick in helping you find the resident experts. Ask for an assessment on the existing set-up. If they tell you that what is there already is anything less than the best, make sure you factor that in to the offer that you make – because without a doubt you are going to want a top class system and they are not necessarily cheap. 


What is the state of the paint on the external walls. A slightly tatty house, in desperate need of a new coat of paint will be billed by an estate agent as a fixer-upper, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect in the asking price. What it actually is, is a politically correct way of acknowledging the state of the house. And as a new buyer you need to know that painting a house is not something that you can do on the cheap. A proper paint job is expensive, and a house should be painted on average once every ten years, so find out when last it was painted and then factor the costs of a paint-job into the asking price. 


Think about the future 

We have already pointed out that buying a house can be an emotional and subjective purchase. But buying it just because it’s ‘cute’ or because it reminds you of the place you grew up in or because it is close to where your friends live, is not a good enough reason to buy. Ask yourself where you want to go in life. Are you planning on children? What is your earning capacity? Do you want pets? Do you need space to park a car (or more than one car)? All important questions, the answers to which impact directly on what and where you chose to buy.  Because as we have already said, it’s an expensive exercise, not just from a capital outlay perspective but also in terms of the other costs associated with a property purchase. You don’t want to be moving again in a few years!   


Understanding The Role Of A Building Inspection

As a property owner or even someone who is renting a place you understand the importance of making sure that the place in which you are staying will be safe for you and all who live in it. Some houses, apartments and condos are not always as safe or in as a pristine condition as was advertised by the person selling the house or renting out the apartment so it always a good precaution to get someone to come and have a look at your residency or a place of interest where you may wish to stay in the future before you make any permanent or binding decisions.

What are building inspectors

This requires the assistance of a Building Master Inspections who can help you and family ensure the safety and cleanliness of your house to put you and your families mind at rest. The government or the municipality that runs the area usually employs him or her but for a second opinion you can hire a private one to come and have an even more thorough look at your place of residency. They can check the state of many things in your abode be it the plumbing, electricals or in some cases even a façade inspector.

Reasons for employing an inspector

Depending on the area in which you live the precautions taken with construction may be lacking and the materials used may not be as robust or sturdy as the real estate agent may have let you know when you purchased or started renting the property. A common problem that may be in your house right now if your house was built a while ago is Asbestos. It is a poisonous substance that can have a huge negative impact on you and your family’s health. In some building the plumbing might be falling a part, the old cement supports could be crumbling to dust or the electricals could even be dangerously expose without you knowing but one round the house with a qualified inspector and he/she will discover most if not all the building faults within your private domicile.

Building a new home

Inspectors also check up on new homes or additions to previous homes are following the building guidelines of that are. They are able to, if necessary; hold up the construction of a project if problems are found with the state of the building process or something has been done that directly violates the regulations of the area. He or she is one of the most useful people to use before you decide to move into a new place or to check that you are building within regulation for your area. There are so many amazing places to hire building inspections Mornington Peninsula who are incredibly good at what they do in Melbourne, so you should definitely have a look around before you decide to begin construction, sign the contract on your new apartment or even pay the deposit on your new, beautiful house. So that should do it for you then.



Boundary Area Inspection

Making a property purchase involves a great deal of work. Just because you have the help of a real estate agent, it does not mean that everything is under control. Once you find the home of your dreams, there is so much work to be done. Among them, conducting the boundary inspection is essential for a number of reasons. If you want to live in your new home in a peaceful way, here is what you need to know.

What is a Boundary Inspection?

Similar to most inspections, this one also examines your property. However, this particular examination is focused on the geographical location of the property. The inspector will measure the space and will inform you about the boundaries of your property. This way, you will know how big your property exactly is. You can find out more at combined building inspection.

Why Conduct a Boundary Inspection?

Boundary inspections are conducted for a number of reasons. First of all, you need to know what your property entails in order to utilize your property rights. If you do not know which part is your home and which part is not, you can easily misuse public or private space. Most importantly, this inspection is performed to prevent unnecessary quarrels between neighbors. If you do not want your neighbor to park his or her car in your land, you need to be clearly aware of your boundaries.

Who Conducts a Boundary Inspection?

You cannot ask a home inspection company to perform this task for you. It is best to look for a specialized service that caters specifically to your needs. Finding a specialized service can be highly useful since they will have the right equipment for the task. Also, since they are experienced in the field, they will know the correct techniques too. Although specializes services can be quite costly, their work is definitely worth the price.

What Happens When You Don’t Conduct a Boundary Inspection?

This is a question that all homeowners must ask themselves. It is important for you to know that failing to conduct this inspection can lead to legal consequences. As a property owner, you are expected to know your land inside out. Moreover, if you are planning to sell the house in the future, the boundary limits of the property will definitely be something that potential buyers would ask. Therefore, not knowing this imperative detail can turn out to be quite problematic. If you are after new apartment inspections in Melbourne, go to this link.

Therefore, make sure to conduct this inspection before you make the purchase since it will be useful for a long period of time. If you do not, then you will definitely regret it later.