April 2018 Posts

Interesting Trends To Look Out For In The Next Ten Years

The world is shrinking on a daily basis. Not physically of course but in terms of reach and the ability to be in touch with people anywhere or to travel vast differences very quickly. In the space of one generation we have gone from steam ships for crossing oceans to supersonic flight and from snail mail to email via faxes. Progress is marching on at an incredible rate and there is no way to stop it, it’s relentless. It affects every part of our existence. Here’s a quick look at things we should expect to see as standard within the next ten years.  


How lazy are we? 
Youngsters these days would much rather sit an play computer games than go outside and build a tree house or throw a ball. It’s a sad state of affairs really but the truth is we are all becoming increasing couch-bound. It means that we are getting heavier and essentially lazier, and it comes as no surprise to think that within the next few year’s items like residential elevators will soon come as standard installations in new houses. In just the same way that air conditioning unit are now regular features in less moderate climates, so too does it seem inevitable that our inclination to use stairs will be replaced by lifts at home. 


Self-drive cars 
We all know that they exist. We might not have seen them yet, but we know that they are coming and quickly. They are all the rage at the moment, being spoken about at every dinner party, and it seems only a matter of time before they take over completely. Remember how quick digital cameras came to prominence and then decimated the old-school analogue technology. Watch out for a repeat performance from self-drive vehicles. 


Much the same as above, but this time in the air, drone technology is becoming faster and better with each day. And as the pace of development and the commercial interest gathers pace so the price of drones comes down making them more affordable to the man in the street. Drones are already commonly used for photographic and espionage purposes but their uses are many. Pioneering companies are using them to deliver medication to remote areas in the developing world. But there is no reason why they should not be delivering your shopping to you. Imagine how easy it would be if you could place an order online and then have it delivered by a drone. You would never have to leave your couch! 


Universal Communicators 
The cellular phone is very rapidly becoming the only device that you need in your life. It has already replaced landlines and cameras and calculators and computers and remote controls and GPS. And it is only just getting started. It is hard to know quite where it will advance to next, but it is safe to say that within the next ten years it will have taken significant strides forward in terms of becoming the only device that you need in your life. It really isn’t too much of a leap to suppose that it could making you toast and coffee before long!