January 2018 Posts

7 Tips For Looking After Your New Property

If you’ve just bought a new property, you’re probably going to be quite serious about looking after it and making sure that it doesn’t end up damaged and in dire need of work. If you’re renting a property, you should be conscious of the fact that you will be charged for any damage or repairs which are needed are a result of carelessness during your time at the property. Here are some quick tips for looking after your new property.  

 Be aware of your property 

Problems occur when you stop being aware of your property and the things which are around and inside it. If you don’t notice damp starting to develop in a corner of the house, this could become a huge problem before you’ve even realised that it is there. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into making sure you check up on your house every so often.  

Take care of the exterior 

While you might be well aware of what is right and wrong inside the property, you may not be as aware of the exterior of the house. This means that any cracks on the brickwork, damp outside the house and problems with the garden might easily go unnoticed. There are measures that you can take in order to look after the outside areas, such as protective concrete coatings for any polished concrete floors Gold Coast in the garden and driveway.  

Keep it clean  

While you might not think it, there are many serious problems which can start to occur if you don’t clean your house and keep it tidy. Apart from mice and other vermin which can come into your house through old food left lying around, you could also get damp, grot and mould.  

Repaint when you need to  

You can’t paint a room and then leave it for years and years. If you’ve moved into a property which could do with a lick of paint, go ahead and repaint it. Stick to neutral and light colours that you can easily paint over if you don’t like it – you’ll be surprised how much you might change your mind.  

Maintain a good temperature 

Your house shouldn’t be too cold otherwise you could end up with damp and other cold-related issues. However, it shouldn’t be too warm either or you could have problems with the wood warping or things drying out around the house.  

Remember the hidden areas  

Small things like cleaning the air vents will only need to be done professionally every couple of years, but if you forget about these things, you can soon end up with giant problems that cost a lot more money and aren’t very easy to fix.  

Not everything is DIY 

While there are many things that you will be able to do around your property by yourself, there are also lots of things which will require you to hire a professional. While this is likely to be more costly, some things need professional attention and it will benefit you and your house in the long run.